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Basketball 4 Kids offers Youth Programs to not only teach kids about proper shooting form, ball handling and passing, but more importantly help build confidence, teach hard work and discipline, leadership, responsibility, sportsmanship and fair play, and team work.

Where will my doantion be used?

Donations to Basketball 4 Kids using the link below will goto kids and familes that can not afford our program.

Thank you for your support!

Kids Program Details

Program: 12 Week Basketball Skills Program
 Boys and Girls ages 4-5yrs and k-12 (EoS Fitness Members and Non-members)
Cost: $168.99 per player (12 classes)
Location: EōS Fitness

Description -  Each class is designed to get your child moving and having fun with basketball! Our class are here to help kids learn the game of basketball. We believe if kids are taught how to "play" correctly they will have more fun and foster a love of health and fitness. It is essential that kids at an early age, have a positive experience with sports. Your child will be in a positive and mistake friendly environment, developing confidence and imparting life skills.

Your child will Learn the Fundamentals of Basketball:

  • proper shooting form
  • passing
  • dribbling
  • offensive and defensive concepts

Program Develops:

  • balance
  • agility
  • hand-eye coordination
  • leadership
  • team-work and more!

All in a safe and fun environment while making new friends and improving social skills.