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Q: Who is the program for?
A: Our programs are for boys and girls ages 4-17.

Q: What will my son/daughter learn?
A: Our basketball classes focus on teaching the fundamentals of basketball such as dribbling, shooting, passing, defense and rebounding.

Q: I want my child to be active and social, but they don't like sports, how does basketball help them?
A: Basketball is one of the most popular sports to play. Our classes not only teach the fundamentals of the game, but also help to build confidence, relationships and it teaches kids how to have fun while exercising.

Q: My child has never played before, what class do you recommend?
A: We recommend our 12 week basketball skills program (Skill Level – Introductory).

Q: I want to sign my child up, but the program has already started could I get a prorated price.
A: Yes, availble during registration.

Q: If I miss a class can I do make ups?
A: Our classes run on a strick program schedulee and space is limited, for this reason unfortunatley we do not offer make-ups. We recommend looking at the program schedule and your schedule before you register.

Q: When is the earliest age you’d recommend 1 on 1 Private Training?
A: Kids at the age of 6-7 yrs. or 1st grade.

Q:  My child really likes basketball. Should he/she play other sports too?
A: We encourage kids to play multiple sports; this way they can develop other muscle groups needed in order to specialize in one sport later one.

Q: When should my child start to focus on one sport?
A: If your child wants to focus on their favorite sport and become the best they can be; they should wait until the age of 14.

Q: Is the 4-5 yr. old class a daycare?
A: No, the 4-5 yr. old class is not a daycare. this pre-k kids class is well thought out and designed to stimulate and develop children in a safe and fun environment fostering confidence, team-work, building relationships and improving social skills.

Q: Can the Coach take my son/daughter to the EoS kids club after class?
A: Unfortunatley no, parents must return to the court to pick up their son/daughter.